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If you’re having trouble with Super Starfish, please check out the FAQs and if you can’t find a solution, send us an email with the links below.

If you’d like to find out more about how we collect and use your data please see our Privacy Policy.

Cloud Saving

Super Starfish can store your game save in the cloud, allowing you to restore it on another device. If you’re having trouble with this service please see these detailed guides for help.

Google Cloud Guide

Apple iCloud Guide

Super Starfish FAQ

Unfortunately there is a bug in the most recent update that may affect your saved scores and achievement progress. We are working on a fix for this right now and it should be available in the next couple of days! This fix should restore your progress. IMPORTANT: Please bear with us and wait for the new update! If you delete the game and restore from cloud it may cause other issues! Sincere apologies for this issue.
Due to new Google Play Store policies we are required to know your age so that we can ensure that younger users are shown appropriate advertising and that all privacy and data collection laws are being angered to.
Sorry about that! If you update to the latest version this will be fixed.
We're currently investigating an issue that is causing Live Events to end early and disappear for some users. If this happens to you we apologise for this issue and are working on getting it fixed as quickly as possible now.
Unfortunately we don't directly control the Ads that are shown in our game. Even though we have requested only family friendly Ads with all of our Ads partners, occasionally they let inappropriate Ads slip through. If you get an offensive Ad, please help us by letting us know via the email link below and attach a screenshot of the offending advert to help us track it down and get it blocked.
Unfortunately we don't have direct control over Ads in our games, but you can be sure we are hassling our Ad partners about all of these issues! Let us know about your issue via the email link below so we can pass it on.
This tutorial will pop up if your finger is too high on the screen. If you remember to keep your finger touching below the fish, it won't pop up.
The effects in Super Starfish require certain GPU features to run. Unfortunately if your device doesn't support OpenGL ES 3.1 the game won't be able to run. It's possible we may be able to get the game running on other phones in the future though, so don't lose hope!
Still having trouble?

You can send us an email at the following link and we will assist you further.  Please note, if a support or feedback email is sent from within our games additional information may be sent alongside this email to help us identify you on our servers and provide the required support.  This information is only viewed by our customer support staff and is deleted as soon as the support request has been completed.  You can choose to view and delete that information if you wish before sending the email.

*Please note we will be on holidays from the 17th to the 24th of September 2021. Thank you for your patience and support, we will attend to your enquires when we return.

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