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If you’re having trouble with Super Starfish, please check out the FAQs and if you can’t find a solution, send us an email with the links below.

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Leagues requires that your device is online and connected to either


Once you have logged into one of these services you should be able to tap the Leagues Banner in the Sanctuary to log into Leagues.

Sometimes we may need to disable Leagues for a short time due to maintenance. If you’re still having trouble with Leagues, please send us an email below.

Cloud Saving

Super Starfish can store your game save in the cloud, allowing you to restore it on another device. If you’re having trouble with this service please see these detailed guides for help.

Google Cloud Guide

Apple iCloud Guide

Super Starfish FAQ

We are aware of this issue. You should be able to fix this issue by updating your game to version 3.9.13 which should be available very soon.
Please update your game. This should now be fixed in version 3.9.8. Thanks for you patience!
Sorry about that! This issue is fixed in the latest version (v3.9.8)
In order to participate in the Leagues you must be logged in to a Google Play games account. If you do not have the Google Play Games app installed on your Android device, please do the following:

1) Download and install the "Google Play Games" app from the Google Play Store.
2) Once installed, click on the Google Play Games app to create a new profile and sign in.
3) Once you have a profile and are signed in, re-launch Super Starfish and you should now be able to access leagues.

If you already have the Google Play Games app installed and are still having issues, please do the following:

1) Open the "Google Play Games" App.
2) Click on the Settings section.
3) Click on "Change account for games".
4) Scroll down the list of apps to find Super Starfish.
5) Click "Change" and then select the profile you wish to use to sign in.

Note, you may need to make sure the Super Starfish App is closed before it will let you do this.
6) Re-launch Super Starfish and you should now be able to access leagues.
Still having trouble?

You can send us an email at the following link and we will assist you further.  Please note, if a support or feedback email is sent from within our games additional information may be sent alongside this email to help us identify you on our servers and provide the required support.  This information is only viewed by our customer support staff and is deleted as soon as the support request has been completed.  You can choose to view and delete that information if you wish before sending the email.

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