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I got a new device (or reinstalled the game)… how do I get my Kongs back?

Sling Kong features a cloud save feature which will automatically save your Kongs and hats. For this feature to work on…

iOS: Ensure iCloud is turned on and you are signed in while playing. You can press the small Game Center button on the bottom left of the Sling Kong title screen to make sure it’s connected.

Android: Ensure you are signed in to Google Play Games and you’re using a Google+ profile. If you don’t have a google+ profile, you can get one here. You can sign in by tapping the small Google Play button on the bottom left of the Sling Kong title screen and turning the toggle switch on.

As long as you are logged into your account (and online), your Kongs will be saved to your account while playing. You can then play the game on your new device (or after reinstalling it) and you should see any Kongs you’ve previously collected.


  • Save data will not copy from GooglePlay to iOS or visa-versa.
  • Only Kongs are saved in this way. Coins and other consumable items are not saved to the cloud.
  • You must log in and played the game on your old device to save your Kongs before you’ll be able to see them on your new one.
  • The Amazon Underground version of the game does NOT have a cloud save feature.


When I try to update the game, Google Play says the game is incompatible.

Some users are experiencing this issue. We’re working with Google to try to find the cause and fix it, but in the meantime… you can try this to fix it.

  • Make sure you have enough space on your phone for the download.
  • Try clearing the Google Play Store cache.
    1. Go to the Settings menu for your device.
    2. Navigate to Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> Google Play Store.
    3. Tap the Clear Cache button.


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