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Sling Kong FAQ

It looks like Google has deprecated the system we were using to connect users to Google Play Games which is causing all of our games to not connect anymore. We're aware of this issue and are working on an alternative now and hope to have Google Play Games back working again very soon!
We recently found an issue with Google Play Games that can corrupt your account and cause the game to crash after every normal game. Whilst we are investigating this issue the only solution we've found currently is to reset your Google Play Achievement / Leaderboard data for Sling Kong. You can read instructions on how to do that here:
Due to new Google Play Store policies we are required to know your age so that we can ensure that younger users are shown appropriate advertising and that all privacy and data collection laws are being adhered to.
Since Daily Star needs to connect to our servers to download data it is not available to younger users who cannot by law consent to allow this. If you've accidentally entered the wrong age you can go to the game's Options Menu -> Privacy Policy and change the age you entered.
We work hard to ensure that all Ads in Sling Kong are family appropriate. However we depend on external partners to provide Ads for our games and sometimes bad content slips through. Please help us by taking a screenshot of the offending Ad and emailing it to us with the link at the bottom of this page. That will allow us to identify the Ad and prevent it appearing in future.
Unfortunately no, whilst the amount of custom KongME characters you can make is always stored we don't store your custom pictures or sounds to the cloud.
We've had reports that users on some models of Samsung Galaxy phone who use the Samsung Games App are losing their input in Sling Kong. To fix this disable the "Lock Recents and Back Keys" option in that app.
We’re adding new Kongs all the time, but there are currently 175 Total Kongs.

155 Regular Kongs.
13 Rare and Seasonal Kongs.
4 KongME Kongs.
1 Starfish Promo Kong.
1 Earth Promo Kong.
1 Magic Orb IAP Kong.
There are currently 5 basic hats available for each Kong (Wild West, Sunglasses, Pirate, Career, Beanies, Mythical and Googly Eyes). They can be found in the main game, but not Daily Star mode.

Christmas hats and Carnival hats can only be found during special seasonal events. There will be another chance to collect them in the future.

Crowns can be won by beating the World Average time in Daily Star mode. You can only win one per day, so pick your Kong carefully!
These are seasonal Kongs that are only available during special events. There will be another chance to collect them in the future.
Starting with Version 2.6, Sling Kong can sync across multiple devices. Connecting Sling Kong to Facebook is the best way to do this.

It’s also the only way to sync from iOS to Android and visa-versa.

As long as you’ve connected Sling Kong to Facebook on your old device and new device, they should sync up without any trouble. You can connect Sling Kong to Facebook on the Sling Kong Options screen.

If you don’t use Facebook, you can still get your progress back, by making sure you're online and logged into iCloud on iOS, or Play Games on Android. Then play the game and your progress should return.

Still having trouble?

You can send us an email at the following link and we will assist you further.  Please note, if a support or feedback email is sent from within our games additional information may be sent alongside this email to help us identify you on our servers and provide the required support.  This information is only viewed by our customer support staff and is deleted as soon as the support request has been completed.  You can choose to view and delete that information if you wish before sending the email.

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